I Hate Hospitals

from by The Wasatch Fault



I don't know about your idea of a soul
There is a pervasive source of light
That can't be separated from that which it grows
So stay with me unstable human being
Your concept of eternity sounds a lot like bribery to me
What should I think? I do not know how to breathe
It feels like half my fucking family has been ripped away
Without any warning

Don't ask me if I'm fine. Of course I'm not
But I appreciate that you would give a fuck about me
I gotta tell you that sure means a lot
So I will sit here in my room
Fill my lungs all up with smoke
This was Daddy's favorite pastime
So it's how I learn to cope
With the most horrifying thing
I do believe I've ever seen
It's all that I can do to keep that image from killing me too

And we stayed up all night
Because we knew that we were not quite ready
Not just yet, to say our goodbyes
But how do you say farewell to a face you can't recognize
And a mind that isn't there?
Don't talk to me about if it is fair or not
'Cause I know that these things happen all the time
All you can do is just, I don't know
Cry your eyes out to you're feelings are muted and blank
And your enthusiasm's gone
You don't feel so strong anymore
You just feel lost and defeated
No this is not a cry for help
I just feel like he's left us all way too soon
And I get so goddamn scared sometimes
That everybody I love
Is going to up and die


from Super Wasatch Fault, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Wasatch Fault Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah's premier existential calculator-rock band.

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