I said I'm gonna get over it I I just need more time
You know I'm gonna get over it
I just need some more time inside of my head
I said I'm gonna get over it I will be just fine
You know I'm gonna get over it
And I will be just fine in this mess that I'm in
No there's no use in saying it was not his time
Because time is such a relative thing
When you live such a short life
No there's not use in saying it will all be fine
Because we all know that fine is a relative state of mind
It makes me wonder
Why we all live our lives
With such anxious states of mind

It all happened so fast
First I was having a good time
Now I'm lying on my back in a hospital waiting room
Crying with my brother and some people that I don't really know
All I want from them is to leave me the hell alone
It's time to make a decision boys
Does he stay here or does he go?
Which way is right? I really don't know
And it hurts so bad because I thought that we were so close
To being close once more
And now I'll never know
Just what kind of love we could have grown

And I said I don't believe
Everything that is happening currently
Is happening for any particular reason
I don't think that everything that's happened in the past
Has culminated in some breaking point
That is not the point
All I'm trying to say is that
Oh my god, he's gone, and he is never coming back

So all that's left for us to do from here on out
Is come to terms with that simple fact
I said can you do that
There's nothing in our way
There are no opportunities to have it any other way

It did not happen any other way

I hope that we will all be okay
I know life always ends way too soon
But here's hoping his will not end today

You won't believe it until you see it



from Super Wasatch Fault, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Wasatch Fault Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah's premier existential calculator-rock band.

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