Jennings, MT

from by The Wasatch Fault



We hiked for days until we found a place to stay
A mountain and a lake
We met a very strange old man
Who shared his drugs and alcohol
He told us stories about the workings of fate
This life will make you miserable
Until you find a way to escape
But there is no escaping from anything these days
Your life will get better, you just have to wait
Well If time is all you need, then tell me
Why are all of your wounds still bleeding so furiously?
I would like you to alter your perception
We can fix your head and teach you many
Wonderful new ways to think about things
And then maybe you can find yourself some peace
Well lately I find that
Peace [ n. /'pētsə/ ]
Is all I really need
No perfect tomorrow no Heaven on high
No your afterlife does not sit right with me
So I'll just sit here with the rocks and the trees
I'll find God in myself, and a warm summer's breeze
Yeah this realization, it really is quite frightening

There is only me
And I am part and parcel with
All that I see everything that surrounds me

You are not all the things that you own
You're the things that you think
And the people you love

And you know that you will never make it through this big adventure on your own

You've gotta get nice and cozy
To the magnificent whole of
Everything that you see
Because because you are part of it all yeah
And no matter what you do
You'll never get out of it

What if I said I could take everything you love and throw it all away
And you'd be much happier that way?
Well you do not believe me
But you will someday yes you will
I know you will
Because because you are part of it all yeah
And no matter what you do
You'll never get out of it


from Super Wasatch Fault, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Wasatch Fault Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah's premier existential calculator-rock band.

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