Nigerian Prince

from by The Wasatch Fault



To rest? To ride?
Too west, too wide
To think tonight
I've gotta settle it down and cancel all of my plans
At least the ones that made themselves
Which is every single one
Which is every one and done

Tonight I'll hang out with my friend he's a 419 Scam
And I ain't seen him since
I told him all of my secrets
To which he said "I'm gonna gotta go."
Wouldn't you know it he went and he shot me down again
I ask is this the end of a beautiful friendship
Locked inside this inter city grid

Peace out my friend
It's been miserable knowing you and all of the ends you will go

On the other side of the story
There's a chance that we wound up heroes
But it's likely they don't remember
I guess I'm just too optimistic

On the fence that borders the two sides
There sits those who have yet to choose
They ask "What's the point of me joining?"
There's no unity on either side of the fence

Every man for himself


from Super Wasatch Fault, released August 5, 2016



all rights reserved


The Wasatch Fault Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah's premier existential calculator-rock band.

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