Super Wasatch Fault

by The Wasatch Fault

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released August 5, 2016

Written as a team effort:

Benjamin Finley: Guitar; "Yeah!" [5]
Erich Newey: Bass; Backing Chorus; Vocals [6]; Piano [9]
Aaron McCuistion: Drum; Vocals/Guitar [2]; Vibraphone [9]
Tyler Gilvarry: Guitar, Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Wes Johnson at Archive Studios, August 10 - 14, 2015

Mastered by Carl Saff



all rights reserved


The Wasatch Fault Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah's premier existential calculator-rock band.

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Track Name: I Hate Hospitals
I don't know about your idea of a soul
There is a pervasive source of light
That can't be separated from that which it grows
So stay with me unstable human being
Your concept of eternity sounds a lot like bribery to me
What should I think? I do not know how to breathe
It feels like half my fucking family has been ripped away
Without any warning

Don't ask me if I'm fine. Of course I'm not
But I appreciate that you would give a fuck about me
I gotta tell you that sure means a lot
So I will sit here in my room
Fill my lungs all up with smoke
This was Daddy's favorite pastime
So it's how I learn to cope
With the most horrifying thing
I do believe I've ever seen
It's all that I can do to keep that image from killing me too

And we stayed up all night
Because we knew that we were not quite ready
Not just yet, to say our goodbyes
But how do you say farewell to a face you can't recognize
And a mind that isn't there?
Don't talk to me about if it is fair or not
'Cause I know that these things happen all the time
All you can do is just, I don't know
Cry your eyes out to you're feelings are muted and blank
And your enthusiasm's gone
You don't feel so strong anymore
You just feel lost and defeated
No this is not a cry for help
I just feel like he's left us all way too soon
And I get so goddamn scared sometimes
That everybody I love
Is going to up and die
Track Name: Nigerian Prince
To rest? To ride?
Too west, too wide
To think tonight
I've gotta settle it down and cancel all of my plans
At least the ones that made themselves
Which is every single one
Which is every one and done

Tonight I'll hang out with my friend he's a 419 Scam
And I ain't seen him since
I told him all of my secrets
To which he said "I'm gonna gotta go."
Wouldn't you know it he went and he shot me down again
I ask is this the end of a beautiful friendship
Locked inside this inter city grid

Peace out my friend
It's been miserable knowing you and all of the ends you will go

On the other side of the story
There's a chance that we wound up heroes
But it's likely they don't remember
I guess I'm just too optimistic

On the fence that borders the two sides
There sits those who have yet to choose
They ask "What's the point of me joining?"
There's no unity on either side of the fence

Every man for himself
Track Name: Pep Talk
My mind is upside down
I'm feeling lost inside this crowd
No shut up, no
I'm not freaking out
Your language sounds so strange
I think I might be going insane
Considering the scenery I can't complain

Please talk to me
'Cause I can't
I cannot see
Your master plan

Ten-thousand feet above the ground
We hover high among the clouds
But these towers, they all tower over us
Well you may disappear for now
But when you finally come around
We'll hang out and I'll tell you what I think about you
Track Name: Angry Ghost
It takes time to figure out the mess you're in
It takes time to patiently apply a correction
So I ask why do you focus all your efforts on eternity
When right in front of you there is great opportunity
To be with me

You left all that had been given you
With people you brought into this world
You ran off with some dumb pretty girl
Why wasn't your little girl pretty enough?

I can't take it
No matter what I do it is frustrating
So get out of here, he's leaving soon
There's nothing that any of us can do
And it gets to me in ways I cannot describe
It's almost too much to handle
Almost all of the time

And I would like to forget it
But I do not want to forget him
I'll just sit here stoically
Another unemotional piece of shit
And I'll keep thinking these thick thought patterns
Until I drive myself off of this cliff again

No I can't breathe
Can't think of anything
Except for all the stupid shit you did, oh my god when I was just a kid
And this is not the way that I would like to remember him
But it's the situation I'm in
So I guess I will learn to forgive

Because nothing feels better than this self-loathing
Track Name: It Happened
I said I'm gonna get over it I I just need more time
You know I'm gonna get over it
I just need some more time inside of my head
I said I'm gonna get over it I will be just fine
You know I'm gonna get over it
And I will be just fine in this mess that I'm in
No there's no use in saying it was not his time
Because time is such a relative thing
When you live such a short life
No there's not use in saying it will all be fine
Because we all know that fine is a relative state of mind
It makes me wonder
Why we all live our lives
With such anxious states of mind

It all happened so fast
First I was having a good time
Now I'm lying on my back in a hospital waiting room
Crying with my brother and some people that I don't really know
All I want from them is to leave me the hell alone
It's time to make a decision boys
Does he stay here or does he go?
Which way is right? I really don't know
And it hurts so bad because I thought that we were so close
To being close once more
And now I'll never know
Just what kind of love we could have grown

And I said I don't believe
Everything that is happening currently
Is happening for any particular reason
I don't think that everything that's happened in the past
Has culminated in some breaking point
That is not the point
All I'm trying to say is that
Oh my god, he's gone, and he is never coming back

So all that's left for us to do from here on out
Is come to terms with that simple fact
I said can you do that
There's nothing in our way
There are no opportunities to have it any other way

It did not happen any other way

I hope that we will all be okay
I know life always ends way too soon
But here's hoping his will not end today

You won't believe it until you see it

Track Name: Marker
Dwelling in your doubt
Never talked out loud
Did your silent mouth usher his departure?

And you had a choice
Could've raised your voice
Now there is no noise that can change the future

You will never know

D C A E A♭ C C A♭
F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭
Track Name: Jennings, MT
We hiked for days until we found a place to stay
A mountain and a lake
We met a very strange old man
Who shared his drugs and alcohol
He told us stories about the workings of fate
This life will make you miserable
Until you find a way to escape
But there is no escaping from anything these days
Your life will get better, you just have to wait
Well If time is all you need, then tell me
Why are all of your wounds still bleeding so furiously?
I would like you to alter your perception
We can fix your head and teach you many
Wonderful new ways to think about things
And then maybe you can find yourself some peace
Well lately I find that
Peace [ n. /'pētsə/ ]
Is all I really need
No perfect tomorrow no Heaven on high
No your afterlife does not sit right with me
So I'll just sit here with the rocks and the trees
I'll find God in myself, and a warm summer's breeze
Yeah this realization, it really is quite frightening

There is only me
And I am part and parcel with
All that I see everything that surrounds me

You are not all the things that you own
You're the things that you think
And the people you love

And you know that you will never make it through this big adventure on your own

You've gotta get nice and cozy
To the magnificent whole of
Everything that you see
Because because you are part of it all yeah
And no matter what you do
You'll never get out of it

What if I said I could take everything you love and throw it all away
And you'd be much happier that way?
Well you do not believe me
But you will someday yes you will
I know you will
Because because you are part of it all yeah
And no matter what you do
You'll never get out of it
Track Name: Super Eternity Pill
As I walk around this strange place in my head
There are no landscapes that give me direction, no
My mind's a featureless expanse
So I will sit until the day my life's explained to me
In a way that gives me any reason to believe
Anything I cannot see
My life is right in front of me
And it's telling me
That everything you say about my future and how it will be is bullshit
Because this it
Yeah we exist
And we persist because life is beautiful
And everything around us is a constant affirmation of that fact
After life there's only unity and oh I've done some thinking
Yeah, I questioned all the things you think
The god you fear's not scary to me

Cut the crap
Because you know life's not like that
In my final act I do not think I'll go back
And regret the things I didn't do
You're the only casualty of your way of thinking
You can't call what you do living
Trade the present for some future thing
It seems so strange to me
After life's just unity
So don't live your life so carefully
Try to question the things you believe
Free thought's the only prayer you'll ever need

How could you kill time without injuring eternity?
But these injuries they always come back to me

How could you kill time without injuring eternity?
But these injuries aren't injuries to me
Track Name: F A D E D
Vibes: D C A E A♭ C C A♭
Piano: F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭

D C A E A♭ C C A♭
F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭

D C A E A♭ C C A♭
F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭

D C A E A♭ C C A♭
F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭

D C A E A♭ C C A♭
F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭

D C A E A♭ C C A♭
F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭

D C A E A♭ C C A♭
F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭

D C A E A♭ C C A♭
F A D E♭ D♭ C G E♭